The beauty industry has sky rocketed in the last couple of years, and it seems like there are new products everyday. Some products are really great. . . game changers every women thinks she needs. Now, I love a good beauty product and have tried many. You want to know what none of them did? They never paid a bill, or pulled their share in my household. They did take up space on my shelf, reminding me that I should use them, since I spent my HARD EARNED money on them! Women everywhere have tons of products they don’t use but had to have. Now don’t hate me! What if you just stopped for a bit? You may not believe me, but there is relief in living more simply when it comes to skincare. It does not have to be a forever thing. It is a right “now” thing, when you are saving money and killing your financial goals!

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Nothing has to be forever! I think if you accept that, you will not feel so deprived when it comes to giving certain things up. You may find a sense of freedom when it comes to streamlining your purchases. There’s freedom in letting go of the pressure of constantly keeping up with the latest and greatest. There will be a point in your financial journey when you CAN get that beauty product you have been dreaming about WITHOUT feeling guilty!

Now, while you are in the thick of budgeting and saving you still need some basics. You need moisturizer, face wash and some shampoo would be nice! I have rounded up some budget friendly options so you can still pamper yourself while also taking care of the essentials!

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