For a topic that effects so much of our lives, it is a very taboo subject. The fact that money isn’t talked about is the biggest issue. We know the United States has a major consumer debt issue, yet we stray from talking about it. The mind boggling issue that many people live paycheck to paycheck is also a taboo subject. I mean think about that, something so major could be kept on the hush. . . I think the fact that it’s kept so secretive, just aids to creating a larger consumer debt.

On top of this, if you are in the group of people who DO want to talk about money to bring some change, people do not want to hear it. Thus, making it harder for you to stay motivated when the world tells you to stay in debt. The cycle goes on and on. Now, there are some crazy people out there who stay motivated despite the odds and pull through on the other side, becoming debt free. How many more people could achieve this if the odds were not against them? When I say odds, I mean support. I mean a community willing to rally behind them anytime they slip up or lose focus. What if we change the norm and pursue more?! Pursue what the world says is unattainable!

That’s where money choice comes in. I want to help you kill your financial goals because I know what it is like when the world seems to think you are crazy or just happen to think differently. The main goal for this platform is motivation. Money Choices are eighty percent behavior. Well . . . when the world’s behavior is broke . . . you need to find some better company to support smarter behavior. The steps you have to take to accomplish those money goals will flow so much easier when the will is there. Learning a new budgeting technique is not going to help you become financially successful, however STICKING to that new budgeting technique will! Making sound decisions over and over and over again will bring financial success.

This is why I am SO passionate about supporting you in your financial journey. I know personally what it takes and I know the world can make it seem impossible. The changed habits with the support of others CAN bring about the impossible!

Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

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