First, you need to realize we are in a consumer world. Marie Kondo openly discussed how much “stuff” the average American owns. We over buy and over spend like it is normal. Everyday people are consumed by the amount of “stuff” they have, yet they spend their hard earned money over and over for that “stuff”. Now all that “stuff” is the thing that overwhelms them. READ that sentence back. Social media marketing has sky rocketed. The ability to buy whatever you want, whenever you want, has had a huge impact on people. Not every purchase is “bad” however, when you can honestly say there is a lack of control of those purchases, they are “bad” or at the very least unwise. I know this because I have made these unwise decisions, and purchased this “stuff” without really needing it.

This is the thing with today’s social media, if you are like me, you probably follow a lot of influencers. Unknowingly, they market things everyday to their audience. The viewer experience is different then going in a store or seeing something online, because you feel like you are talking to a girlfriend who you can trust. What you need to remember this is a business. Though they may genuinely love what they are talking about it does not mean you need it! The insane amount of marketing on social media feeds the state of mind of always wanting more. You tell yourself that getting this sweater will keep you from wanting anything else, but in reality the desire for more will never end. There will always be that pretty new thing “You just have to have”. A good way to check yourself when it comes to this trap is to go through your amazon account, and ask, “How much of this stuff do I use? What stuff do I never use? If I had the option would I buy it again?”

I want to emphasize your financial journey is constantly driven by emotions and how you handle them day to day. People fail because of undisciplined behavior, not lack of knowledge or understanding. So I will constantly point back to the emotional side of things so you can recognize when you feel yourself being tempted to spend against what you said you wouldn’t. This may sound silly, but you need to get really good at saying NO before you will ever have self control over anything you are tempted to buy.

There is also a time and a place to make purchases. For instance, there are things in my amazon account right now that I want but I am waiting because they are not a necessity. Sometimes, I keep things in my account for a long time before purchasing to make sure I want them a month from now. You should always wait when it comes to spending money on just about anything. If you can’t wait for a random purchase, it probably falls in the category of impulse spending. I hope this post and added video is helpful and will help you on your journey. I KNOW what is going through your head when it comes to breaking this cycle and I want to help you get to the other side! Now let’s go say “NO” together!

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